Peoples Bank of the South Values Your Privacy and Security.

Peoples Bank of the South will never ask for you to send personal or financial information by, in response to, or via a link in an email, about our security policies.


Home Banking Questions & Answers

Q: How often is my Peoples Bank of the South information updated?
A: All customer information is updated nightly on Telephone Banking and Internet Banking or when you contact us directly.

Q: Can I view all of my transactions at any time?
A: Yes, you can view your transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on Internet Banking.

Q: How long does it take to set up a new payee in the bill payment system?
A: It takes two business days to set up the payee to receive payments, once the payee is entered.

Q: Can I still enter a bill payment to the new payee even though the two days are not up?
A: You can make a payment to the new payee immediately; but the payment will not actually be made until the payee is set up.

Q: When I make a bill payment, how long does it take to come off of my account?
A: The payment will be deducted from your account within 1-3 business days.

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On-Line Security Questions & Answers

Q: Will other people be able to see my account information?
A: Your account information is just as secure as it is at your physical bank. We have taken every step possible to be sure that our system meets the latest security standards, including using the latest security encryption methods and software.

Q: How secure are the applications that you can complete on-line?
A: Filling out applications online is as secure as Internet Banking. Your entire session, from beginning to end, is encrypted. Our system supports 128-bit encryption, so you can also use the latest browser from Netscape or Microsoft that supports this security level. In fact, the highest encryption Netscape and Microsoft browsers support is 128-bit, so you will be using the highest bit encryption currently available if you use a 128-bit encryption capable browser.

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Bank Products & Services Questions & Answers

Q: Are Peoples Bank of the South deposit accounts FDIC insured?
A: Yes, each individual customer is insured by the FDIC up to $100,000.00. For more information, please contact Mildred Asbury at 423-562-4921.

Q. How do I set up Direct Deposit of my payroll check?
A: If your employer participates in a direct deposit program, simply provide Peoples Bank a routing and transit number and your account number to the human resources or payroll department at your company.

Q: How do I set up Direct Deposit of my Social Security check?
A: Simply contact us at any Peoples Bank location and have your security number and account information available to set up your direct deposit right over the phone.

Q: Can I get information about my accounts by phone?
A: Yes, information on any of your accounts is available during business hours at any of our offices or call any time of day to Telephone Banking at 566-BANK (2265) for 1-800-842-6532 from outside of Campbell County.

Q: What types of mortgage loans does Peoples Bank offer?
A: Peoples Bank offers the full range of Mortgage Products. Contact Logan Hickman at 423-562-4921 or loganh@peoplesbanksouth.com for more information.

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