Credit Card Processing


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Credit Card Processing

Over 9,000,000 merchants currently accept credit cards and debit cards from their customers for payment of goods and services. With our Merchant Advantage program you can accept not only Visa and MasterCard credit cards, but you can also accept Visa and MasterCard debit cards, American Express, Discover, and Carte Blanche.

Why should you accept credit cards from your customers?

If you are not accepting credit cards and debit cards now, you may be losing sales and taking unnecessary risks. The following are a few ways you can increase sales and lower your risk.

Increase Sales:

  • Credit cards increase your customer's purchasing power. Your customer is not limited to the money in their pocket or even to the money they have in their bank account when purchasing your goods and services.
  • Almost all of your customers have at least one credit card and they use them whenever credit cards are accepted. Some consumers actually choose merchants because they accept their credit cards.
  • Many of your customers are impulse buyers. While they are in your establishment you may be able to sell them something other than what they came to buy.
  • Credit and debit cards are easy to use. Many consumers prefer to use credit and debit cards because they are convenient, less of a risk than carrying cash.
  • Your competitors probably take credit and debit cards. Consumers often shop where it is easier for them to purchase the good and services they want.
  • Many companies and governmental agencies use credit cards to purchase goods and services.


Reduce Risk:

  • No one has ever bounced a credit card.
  • The authorization tells you that the account holder has the capacity and authority to make the transaction.
  • You eliminate your accounts receivables and the collection effort associated with them.


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