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Peoples Bank of the South Values Your Privacy and Security.

Peoples Bank of the South will never ask for you to send personal or financial information by, in response to, or via a link in an email, about our security policies.

Peoples Bank of the South Online eStatement Enrollment

Please fill out the form below to enroll in eStatements.  Please note that email notifications for the accounts you list will be sent to the email address you supply.  There are two different ways to receive your statements electronically.  You may choose to have them sent to your email address in a secure password protected PDF file, or you may access them through your online banking account.  If you choose to receive them in a PDF file your password will be mailed to you after we process your registration.  To view PDF statements you will need Adobe Reader which can be downloaded here.

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Peoples Bank of the South Electronic Statement Agreement and Disclosure

Before you can access or enroll in our Electronic Statement Presentment services ("eStatements"), the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) and other laws and regulations require us to obtain your affirmative consent to the electronic delivery of your periodic account statements and associated disclosures required under Federal and/or State laws or regulations.  Please read this E-Statement Service Agreement and Disclosure carefully and save or print a copy for your records.


You will be asked to agree or cancel (disagree) to these terms.  "Agree" means you acknowledge that Peoples Bank of the South is allowed to send you statements and/or notices in an electronic format and stop sending statements and/or notices in paper format. 


You may choose to have your eStatements and/or E-Notices sent to your valid email address in an attached pdf file, or be retrieved through your Peoples Bank of the South Online Banking access.  You will receive an email notification when your statement or notice is available for retrieval from your Online Banking access.  If you choose to have your statement or notice e-mailed to you in a pdf file, this email will serve as your notification.


The following hardware and software are required for online retrieval of eStatements/E-Notices.

  • Current Email Address
  • Computer with Internet access and provisions for saving any statements
  • Internet Browser with 128-bit encryption
  • Printer connected to your computer for printing statements
  • Currently supported version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (if you choose to have statements mailed in a pdf file)


Your Rights and Options

Except as otherwise required by applicable law, you acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to access the periodic statements either via our Online Banking access or via email statement with attached pdf file.  You agree to promptly notify us of any change in your email address. 

The deposit account agreement that you have with us and/or agreements and disclosures regarding your Online Statements Accounts with us describe your obligations and responsibilities with respect to timely examining your periodic account statements and reporting errors and discrepancies to us.  These obligations and responsibilities are applicable to your examination and review of the Online Statements.  You agree that you will not alter any information in any Online Statement and you agree that our record of any Online Statement is the best evidence of the information set forth in such Online Statement.

You must examine your statement of account with "reasonable promptness."  If you discover (or reasonably should have discovered) any unauthorized signatures, alterations, incorrect payment amounts, or missing or incorrectly credited deposits, you must promptly notify us of the relevant facts.  As between you and us, if you fail to do either of these duties, you will have to bear the loss yourself unless you prove that we did not pay the item in good faith.  The loss could be not only with respect to items on the statement but other items with unauthorized signatures or alterations by the same wrongdoer.

You agree that the time you have to examine your statement and report to us will depend on the circumstances, but will not, in any circumstance, exceed a total of 30 days from when the statement is first sent or made available to you.

You further agree that if you fail to report any unauthorized signatures, alterations, forgeries, incorrect payment amounts, missing or incorrectly credited deposits, or any other errors in your account within 60 days of when we first send or make the statement available, you cannot assert a claim against us on any items in that statement, and as between you and us the loss will be entirely yours.  This 60-day limitation is without regard to whether we used good faith.

You agree that you will notify us as soon as possible in the event that you experience any technical difficulties in accessing any Online Statement that we have made available to you. 


You are not required to enroll in the E-Statement/E-Notice service.  You can continue to receive your statements in the same format in which you currently receive your statement, including, if applicable, paper.  If you would like to receive your statements electronically, you must enroll in the E-Statement/E-Notice program and agree to the terms set forth in this disclosure.

If you should choose to stop receiving eStatements/E-Notices, you must contact us directly by phone (423-562-4921), email, or in person.

Peoples Bank's Right to Amend the Services

The Bank reserves the right to amend the E-Statement Services and/or conditions of participation from time to time, including enlarging or restricting services available through the E-Statement service.  Your use of the E-Statement service after any change will indicate your agreement to the amendments and reaffirm your consent to electronic delivery of statements.

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