Meet the Staff


Peoples Bank of the South Values Your Privacy and Security.

Peoples Bank of the South will never ask for you to send personal or financial information by, in response to, or via a link in an email, about our security policies.

Meet the Staff

Officers - LaFollette Main Office
CEO and Chairman of the Board John T. Reynolds
President David Reynolds
Executive Vice-President W. Logan Hickman, Jr.
Vice-President & Secretary to the Board Vickie Braden
Vice-President Mildred Asbury
Senior Vice-President & Controller Chris Cooper
Vice-President, Data Processing Brenda Mundy
Assistant Vice-President, Compliance Mark Honaker
Assistant Vice-President, Lending Vickie Spradlin
Assistant Vice-President Mona Letner
Officers - Jacksboro Office
Senior Vice-President, Branch Manager Gary Petree
Officers - Clinton Office
Assistant Vice-President, Branch Manager Don Whitaker
Officers - Scott County Office
Senior Vice President, Commercial Lending Scott Thompson


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