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Mobile Wallet FAQ

What is a digital mobile wallet?

A digital mobile wallet is a feature that is available on iOS and Android devices. Users can add their debit and credit cards to the wallet. The wallet stores these cards so that they can be used at a checkout terminal. The device is used instead of the actual card.

How do I choose between using Apple PayTM, Samsung PayTM, or Android PayTM?

If you have an iPhone or and iPad, you can use Apple Pay. If your device is running an Android operating system, you can use Android Pay. If you have a Samsung device, you can use Samsung Pay.

How do I add my Peoples Bank of the South debit card to my mobile wallet?

For Apple Pay, go to the Wallet app on your iPhone or iPad, and tap Add Credit or Debit Card. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

For Samsung Pay and Android Pay, open the app and follow the instructions to add the card. If the app is not already installed on your device, it can be downloaded in the Google PlayTM Store.

Which stores accept Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay?

To find a list of stores that accept Apple Pay, click here.

To find a list of stores that accept Android Pay, click here.

Samsung Pay is available in almost any store that has a magnetic card reader. Samsung Pay uses near-field communication (NFC) to send a signal to the magnetic reader on the terminal. The phone is a substitute for the debit card.

What is the difference between Samsung and Android Pay?

In order to use Android Pay, the merchant must have a terminal that is specifically set up for it. To use Samsung Pay, the terminal only needs to have a magnetic card reader that would be used to swipe a card.

Will I be required to use a PIN? Will it be the same as my debit card?

Whether or not a PIN is required depends on the merchant. Some may ask for a PIN or signature. If you are asked for a PIN, use the same one that you use with your debit card.

Can my debit card be added to multiple devices?

Yes. If your debit card is lost or stolen, it needs to be canceled immediately to prevent anyone else from trying to add the card to their device.

Helpful tips:

  • For Android devices, made sure to turn on the Near-field communication (NFC) setting.
  • The device must have a screen lock. Fingerprint authentication can achieve this.
  • Keep your debit card available in the case of a technological failure.


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-Available on Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S6 active, Galaxy Note5 and other select Samsung devices, most major carriers and supported cards. See for complete list and contact your bank or financial institution to verify supported cards.


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